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Cam Blair, a Jamaica, Queens native, drives his brand with authentic, heart-felt music, aiming to inspire those ready for motivation. In his five-year journey, he’s stood out on stages like MajorStage and seen success with his single “Woozy” hitting #36 on Genius Top 100 charts. With a new single dropping in January, Cam plans to amp up his musical releases, introduce new merchandise, and ambitiously sell out a show in his hometown.
H.MIL, born in Essex, is a music brand driven by a unique approach to breath in songs. With 7 years of experience, the biggest influence in H.MIL‘s life is the producer Don Fuego, who played a pivotal role in finding their voice in music. The focus for the upcoming year is on bringing out a plethora of new music. Notable achievements include being featured on BBC Radio. Looking ahead, H.MIL‘s future plans revolve around a consistent release of music.
The sound of rap and hip-hop is more diverse now than ever. Artist from all over the world bring originality and style to the classic genre. One Midwest artist pushing the boundaries and sound of rap is itskamstone. His new EP Left For Dead is an exciting display of creativity and originality. Giving the world of music his version of trap rock, itskamstone adds a certain fire that is missing in the rap world.
As his second major release of 2023, itskamstone continues to expand his unique sound while building an incredible following. His earlier project Blood Brothers feat Fella hit streaming services in early January. That project shows off his evolution in sound within his music and expertise at collaboration. Although only 7-singles, Left For Dead is a playful blend of stylish beats paired with imaginative lyricism. A leading single “Magazine,” is a futuristic sound mixed with modern influences of rap. Other notable singles on the EP include “Target,” and “Shame”.
Produced by Vernon Hill, Kuteremboy, Brook Beatz and Synthetic the feel of Left For Dead is dynamic and distinct. Giving music a dose of melodic trap and exhilarating beats, itskamstone is the new trendsetter for the wave of trap rock.
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Shi2real4em, born in Humboldt Park, Chicago, seeks to build a legacy through her brand, S2L. With over 15 years in rap, she blends street smarts into business, offering a unique and relatable experience. Influenced by her resilient grandmother, Tita, she emphasizes promoting healing and mental health awareness. Her upcoming EP, “Shi Vs Maddnezz,” reflects her personal journey. Shi2real4em’s ultimate goal is to give back, working with non-profit organizations while aiming for growth in wealth, wisdom, and connections.
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T.s.g stand for TopSteppaGang
I’m originally from E Saint Louis as a lot of people call it east bougie cause it go down on damn near all 89 blocks I’m 26 I started rapping in prison back in 2018 a little bit after I took my time it just really came natural shit fell out da sky frl frl and then I had a long as time to do so I need a way to release all the pain I was feeling I was recently released Jan 13 2023 and tried to get a job but that shit was pulling me from my dreams I was always upset cause that wasn’t what I wanted to do so one day I woke up and I took a big risk hoping it all pay off in the end and I moved to Chicago w my big brother and he seen how talented I really was and he been standing behind me every since
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Introducing The independent Recording Artist And Entrepreneur 4’Sho.”the Soundtrack To the Chicago Streets”in a Few words is The Best way to Describe 4sho ,Birthed in The Era of Solid legendary Gangstas, who Made Moves off Principles ,4’Sho is Not A name dropper His Background is Highly Researchable he is a stand out Statesman and Recording artist Top Tier and able to stack up against any of your favorite top ten Trap artist from any City Respectfully the Up and in motion actor Findable on Amazon prime with his Nationally Recognized debut Turned the industry lights on himself with 100 million streams on the Amazon movies platform Amongst the Best independent Releases to date . follow and Turn on Notifications @moneyup4sho_ Expect to See 4Sho Music and Puma content on all major Content platforms
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