Hillbilly “BigFoot” Hustle aka Jacob Johnson

Hillbilly “BigFoot” Hustle aka Jacob Johnson was born with a learning disability and raised in Barberton/Akron Ohio, He Became involved with music at just the age 8 years old in 2003 on LimeWire. Went by “Phatty Jay” in the beginning. As of 2023 he became “2x Artist of the year 2023” by associations M.W.O, WWC, several Podcasts across the United states, and was voted in Ohio’s 11th annual entertainment awards. He’s the leader and boss for group “Country Boyz Fresh, and Has his own record label “Hustle with bigfoot INC. Jacob’s wife is his manager. Jacob’s mother has been supportive since the very beginning. He was recently added to the Glue Walking Billboards and on there playlist as well.

Jacob is the most dedicated in all Ohio and doesn’t take no for an answer he likes to prove people wrong daily, he was bullied in school for his weight and because he learns a little differently, he turned to music as a stress reliever. He’s accomplished every small goals and several big goals. His biggest 2 goals is to make it and be successful in life and have a documentary by the year 2033 for his 30th anniversary in the music industry.
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