Celebrity Boxing Match against Fame Faiella

Charleston White has decided to withdraw from the Official Celebrity Boxing Match against Fame Faiella. The decision was made immediately after Faiella signed the contract. White expressed his preference not to participate in the event being hosted at King Of Diamonds Atlanta, a strip club known for its extravagant setting.

He was offered alternative venues and the flexibility to customize various aspects of the event, but White remained steadfast in his choice to withdraw. Speculation suggests that White may not have been medically cleared due to a visual impairment, which could affect his performance in the ring.

The match had garnered significant anticipation from fans and individuals worldwide, who were eager to witness White’s potential defeat after his provocative online behavior. Ultimately, it remains uncertain whether Charleston White will ever truly venture into the boxing ring.

Watch the video below for a statement from his ex opponent SUEDE the plug god as well as CEO Damon Feldman at Official Celebrity Boxing.

Charleston White withdraws from Celebrity Boxing Match with Fame Faiella #charlestonwhite #news #OCB (youtube.com)

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