Carnella Jones

Tell us about yourself?

My name is Carnella Jones straight out of Houston Texas, 5thward to be exact. I was born and raised there and attended sharpstown middle and high school graduated fro lee high school. After graduating I wanted to pursue my dreams of being a fashion designer, so I attended the art institute of Houston but with no transpo and not much help except from my great aunt sine I had to quit. That’s when I packed my bags a couple years after and moved to va where I became a dancer, a successful popular one.

At what age did you realize you have interest in the profession you’ve taken up?

Ever since elementary to high school I was in a choir, and also drum

Line all while being the captain of the step team and co caption of the cheer team. I would write music with my close friend Asia in a pad, but it was never rap, it was r and b because singing was a talent I was scared to share with anyone. For so, ‘em reason I met pursued it until now.

Describe your professional journey? 

I’ve always wanted to be star, so I’ve always had a plan that of coarse changed a billion times. Well becoming a dancer encouraged me to go get plastic surgery then becoming a very popular dancer made me want to include my fashion into my brand so I started designing custom outfits for other entertainers. This made me well liked in va even tho in Houston I left a good tast in people’s mouth with my fashion and creativity. Rapping was brought to, y attention by other dancers and we tried and just didn’t happen, so I decided to pursue it on my own. And now I’m here and I love it ! There’s no stopping now for me , I do it for my siblings and, son .

What challenges did you face?

I faced some challenges along the way like people judging me for dancing and or just not supporting enough to make me the star I was meant to be. Another challenge was me facing my fears of putting my talent out their period. That’s y I was always scared to sing in front of people, but rap kinda flows through me no matter who’s around.

How did you overcome any challenges in your career?

Having faith in GOD and in myself

Also, my siblings, most of all my amazing parents (stepdad DESHON GREEN,(mommy CAMILLE JONES AND CORY JONES (daddy

What/Who inspired you the most to follow your dreams? 

My mommy and my STEPDAD DESHON GREEN ALWAYS MADE ME FEEL LIKE O CPULD DO IT no, after what it was. That’s y I ended up in so many sports and teams and clubs.

tell us about your achievements?

Wat, I want to achieve hasn’t happened yet, but it will, on me.

what’s the secret of success according to you? what worked for your business?

Staying humble, true what’s right and wrong, and true to yourself.

Never follow a trend remixed that mf or make your own. Most of all something I’ve learned and still learning is stay patient, don’t let your patience or insecurities stop you from winning. You got this.

How did you deal with pandemic? Were their losses? 

The pandemic was a huge bag for me, I mean I caught the Covid, but I was ok in a week but man I was getting booked for parties left and right taking my man out my son I was turning up because I was making 1,000 plus like five days a week every week.

What’s the work process at your organization like? 

I’m a dancer not much of a process.

Your future plans? What’s next you wish to achieve in your career in next 2 years?

I want to make this music pop, practice my sound my song writing skills, and in two years I want to be doing shows making money off of my songs, my sound, my voice and tricking it off to my family, bettering us giving them financial freedom. It’s about that time.

What keeps you motivated in life? 


Any message you have for youngsters who wish to be entrepreneurs?

Keep going don’t stop and always remember your worth and purpose and I promise you won’t stop.

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