Emerging hyper-pop act SOPHIE SHREDZ unveils the music video for her explosive new single, “EYEZ ON ME.”

The music video was directed and edited by MK Kopp. “I wanted to work with a small team that I knew personally to help create my vision,” Sophie explains. “I wanted to come out of the gates with delivering something fierce and femme for my first video.

Revealing a new layer of the expansive world of SOPHIE SHREDZ, the “EYEZ ON ME” video is exuberant and jam-packed with personality. Hoping to reflect the sentiment of the song and the idea of all eyes being on her, Sophie and MK landed on the idea of having an all-female basement fight club. “Somehow we convinced a bunch of girls to fight in a basement with me for 4 hours. It was perfect and honestly the kind of thing I would accidentally stumble into,” she quips.

SOPHIE SHREDZ is the project of New Jersey-born, Nashville-based vocalist, songwriter, and guitarist Sophie Ruggiero. She was raised listening to classic rock greats like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and Heart, and became an avid guitar player by the age of 7. While her current sound certainly draws influence from the experimental electronic world of hyper-pop, she also imbues her songs with a tapestry of classic rock influences, like show-stopping guitar solos and driving percussive elements.

Sophie is redefining what it means to be a modern day pop star — she’s bold, evocative, openly queer, and a fierce advocate for female empowerment. Her music reflects her own personal and artistic growth and experiences, making it both relatable and authentic. She hopes her music will inspire others to pursue their dreams and unlock a new level of confidence within themselves.

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