Chelsea Clark

Tonjè, formally known as Chelsea Clark, is ready to reintroduce herself as she prepares to release new music this year.


Hailing from Houston, TX, her journey as a singer, songwriter, actress, and producer reflects a deep passion for music and a commitment to pushing creative boundaries.


By seamlessly blending a diverse range of genres such as pop, R&B, rock, country, and hip-hop, Tonjè showcases a unique ability to weave soulful vocals and inventive beats into her music, creating a captivating and dynamic sound.


What sets Tonjè apart is her willingness to break the rules and push the boundaries of what is expected in music. This fearlessness and creativity suggest that she is an artist committed to innovation, unafraid to experiment with new sounds and styles. Her fresh approach to music not only showcases her talent but also brings a renewed sense of excitement and creativity to the industry.


Moreover, Tonjè’s journey from Houston to the vibrant music scene in Los Angeles reflects her dedication to her craft and her desire to immerse herself in an environment that fosters creativity and growth. She is driven by a deep passion for evolving sounds and connecting with her fans on a profound level.


With her catchy melodies and versatile skills, Tonjè appears to be a breath of fresh air in the music industry, offering a musical journey that goes beyond the confines of traditional genres. Her ability to connect with her audience on an emotional level and offer a unique and compelling musical experience suggests that she is poised to make a lasting impact in the world of music.

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