Monsta Yo, Younghittacxc, and Freeze

Monsta Yo is not just an artist; he is a multifaceted individual who wears many hats – author, music mogul, promoter, humanitarian, inspirational speaker, and educator. He stands as a beacon of hope, amplifying the voices of the voiceless and uniting people to emphasize that true humanity transcends color. His latest track, “On Top of the World,” has soared to number 18 on the charts, a testament to his unwavering talent and vision.

Teaming up with the exceptional talents of Younghittacxc and Freeze, Monsta Yo brings a unique blend of styles that sets them apart from the rest. Each artist showcases their diversity and powerful lyrical delivery, solidifying their position as a force to be reckoned with. Monsta Yo’s ability to consistently deliver success is evident in everything he touches, leaving a lasting impact on all who encounter his work.

This trio is not just one to watch; they are the future of music and the epitome of hip-hop excellence. Keep an eye on Monsta Yo, Younghittacxc, and Freeze as they continue to push boundaries and redefine the music industry with their unparalleled talent and passion.

I first crossed paths with Monsta Yo through Longbeach E Will, and since then, I’ve delved into his background and discovered the immense impact he has on the community through his commitment to progressive change. Our collaboration on “Demon-Stration & Sweep” immersed us in a creative whirlwind, with both of us channeling our energies towards a singular vision. Amidst the chaos of life’s challenges, I shielded Monsta Yo from my own stresses, knowing he navigated his own struggles. Once the dust settled on my end, I reached out to him, reassuring him of my well-being and reconnecting to catch up on lost time.

As we reminisced, the conversation naturally gravitated towards new project ideas, and without skipping a beat, Monsta Yo proposed a project he had been brewing. He swiftly shared the song and other components, setting the stage for our next endeavor. A collaboration with Hitta, who possessed raw vocals, added layers to the track as I recorded my verse, meticulously aligning the placements according to Monsta Yo’s vision. The culmination of our efforts left Monsta Yo elated with the final product, despite the constraints of limited resources.

His acknowledgment of my innate ability to navigate the world of music is a testament to our mutual respect for each other’s artistry. From the moment I heard “Monsta Yo Story,” I was captivated, and our musical journey together has only deepened my admiration for his craft. As steadfast collaborators, we stand as a testament to unwavering dedication and creativity. Keep an eye out for our upcoming project, “Jokers Laugh,” a testament to our shared commitment to pushing creative boundaries and forging new paths in the music industry. – Freeze

Younghittacxc, one of the extraordinary talents behind the hit “On Top of the World,”shares how it all began for him. My introduction to Monsta Yo occurred on level 4, where I immediately recognized his dedication to personal growth, education, and business acumen—qualities that resonated deeply with me. Given our shared values, starting a conversation with him was effortless. I delved into writing and rapping in 2019, penning my inaugural song. Our discussions about music eventually led to my collaboration on a project. Monsta Yo emphasized the importance of excelling in my college classes, a challenge I embraced and conquered that semester. He provided me with the opportunity to showcase my production skills.

I firmly believe that true success originates from within, particularly during times of adversity, a concept known as post-traumatic growth. While financial success is a goal, true wealth encompasses internal fulfillment to avoid a state of delusion. Despite my roots in the Delamo neighborhood, education has been instrumental in shaping my identity. Monsta Yo and I exemplify transformation from challenging circumstances into positive outcomes. Let’s prioritize education and elevate our entrepreneurial spirits. Stay tuned for my upcoming mixtape, “God Mode,” as I extend my gratitude and best wishes to those who support my journey wholeheartedly.

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